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2020-05-29, 15:31

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Welcome to SKK’s online service

Online-entry for dog shows

Welcome to Svenska Kennelklubben (SKK), i.e. the Swedish Kennel Club, and our online-entry service. Here you will find information of dog shows in Sweden using this online service, and you may also enter your dog and pay the entry-fee at the same time.
It is easy to enter your dog via the Internet, although we have a few reservations:

  • Information about the dog has to be registered in the SKK database. read more »»,

  • The owner of the dog has to have a valid membership in SKK, or in a foreign club recognized by the SKK.

  • You must be able to pay the entry-fee via credit card (we accept VISA and MasterCard).

  • When filling in the entry form your details will be retained by the SKK for the purposes of administering the entry and payment only.

For further information, please read: Instruction, FAQ and Payment terms.


Svenska Kennelklubben

For information: Please, contact each organizer or the Information Department of the Swedish Kennel Club,
e-mail: info@skk.se, tel: + 46 8 795 30 30, fax: + 46 8 795 30 40

For technical and software questions: webanmalan@skk.se